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Instructions for Completing the Trespass Enforcement Request Form

The FROM section:
YOUR Name: YOUR name should be listed here; not your business name, property management
company name, HOA name or any other name. This name must be the person responsible for the property and the name must be the same throughout the form.  Mailing Address: The address you get your mail at. PO Boxes are fine.
Suite/Unit#: If there is an apartment number, suite or unit number. If you are in a rental office and your
mail comes to the office, please list “office” in this space.
City, State and Zip: The city, state and zip that goes with the mailing address listed.
Phone: The number that you can be best contacted at. This can be the same as your cell phone number.
Cell: Your cell phone number, if you have one.
E-mail: A valid e-mail address MUST be listed. Renewals notices are sent out via e-mail. This can be a
business e-mail or personal e-mail. Your e-mail address will not be shared with anyone.
The body of the form:
I am the: Please check if you are the Owner, Manager, or Other for the property. If ‘other,’ please specify
your title. This could be HOA board officer, security company representative, etc.  I: The name of the person responsible for the property should be listed here. It should be the same as
the name listed in the FROM section at the beginning of the form.  Located at: List the physical street address of the property here. If there is no physical street address
(i.e., 1234 E StreetName Ave.), then you may list the street intersection where the property is located
(i.e., northwest corner 1st Street/Robson). DO NOT list intersections in this field, unless the property
does not have a physical street address.

Emergency phone contact numbers:
Phone after hours: A valid after business hours phone number should be listed here. Do not write
“same” or “same as above.” This field must have a phone number listed. Phone during normal business hours: A valid day-time phone number should be listed here. Do not
write “same” or “same as above.” This field must have a phone number listed.
This name should be the same as the name previously listed on the form. If you fill out the online form
and submit via e-mail, you DO NOT need to physically sign the form; however, the form must have your digital
signature. If you do not have a digital signature set up on your computer, you will have the option to do so when
you click on the signature field. If you do not want to create a digital signature, you may print and physically sign
the form and send to the address listed. If you digitally sign the form, please DO NOT send a second copy via
mail that you have physically signed.
Date: The date you completed the form.
We do not accept faxed or e-mailed scanned copies of the Trespass Enforcement Request.
Because this is a court document we need the original form with your signature mailed to
our office OR the digital form filled out online with your digital signature.

Please do not call and ask for our fax number.
Please do not scan your form after filling out and signing it and then e-mail it to us.
We will contact you to have you send the original signed copy if we received a scanned or
faxed form from you. Your information will not be updated until we receive the original
signed copy.



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