STATION 1: Scalars and Vectors
1. Write SCALAR or VECTOR for each quantity. Remember, vectors have a direction and 2. Igor leaves his house and walks 1500 meters west to go to CVS. He reaches CVS but decides instead to go to Rite Aid so he turns around and walks 2,500 meters east to get to Rite Aid. It takes him 1,500 seconds to get to Rite Aid after leaving his house. What was Igor’s average speed on his trip to Rite Aid? 3. Francesca is in physics class. She walks 30 meters forward to the bathroom and this takes her 12 seconds. She then turns around and walks 6 meters back to the water fountain in 3 seconds. What is Francesca’s average velocity? 4. Jada rides her bike 1,200 meters from her house to Waldianika’s house to study for their physics exam. Jada gets to Waldianika’s and remembers that she forgot her notebook. She immediately turns around and rides back to her house. If Jada’s entire trip took her 6 minutes (360 seconds), what was Jada’s average velocity? 5. Stefan walks to the bank, which is 5 miles North of his house. This takes him 60 minutes. After getting money, Stefan turns around and walks South for 2 miles until he gets to the movie theater. This takes him 25 minutes. What is Stefan’s average 6. Wilfred goes running. His average speed is 5 m/s. If he runs at that speed constantly for 20 minutes (which is 1200 seconds), how far wil he have run? 7. Christy kicks a soccer bal to Yasmin. The bal travels 15 m/s. If Yasmin is 200 meters away, how long does it take the bal to reach Yasmin? STATION 2: Acceleration Calculations
1. A basebal is thrown with a velocity of 65 m/s. The bal reaches the catcher and comes to a complete stop in 16 seconds. What was the acceleration of the pitch? 2. A car has an acceleration of 2 m/s2. How long would it take the car to accelerate from rest 3. Jailene jumps from a height of 120 meters to a trampoline below. How fast was Jailene 4. Mr. Hosking throws a basebal in the air with an initial velocity of 75 m/s. How high is the 5. Nashlee decides to go cliff jumping into a river. She jumps from a high cliff. How far has 6. A truck accelerates on the highway at 5 m/s2 for 15 seconds. Determine the distance traveled by the truck as it was accelerating if it started from rest. 7. A bike starts at 10 m/s and accelerates at a rate of 3 m/s² for 14 seconds. What is the final 8. Cristian is driving his brand new BMW at 80 m/s on the highway. Al of a sudden, a car cuts Cristian off in his BMW and he must slam on the brakes. The BMW slows down at a rate of 3 m/s² for 4 seconds. What is the velocity of the BMW after it slowed down? STATION 3: Shapes of Position-Time and Velocity-Time Graphs
Directions: Read the white story cards provided at this station, and match each one with the
appropriate Position vs Time graph. Write the letters on the lines in your answer packet. There wil be 2 Position vs Time graphs that do not have a match! Then match the orange velocity vs time cards with the same situations. Write the letters on After you are done with the matching, write your own story to go with the two graphs that STATION 4: Calculations from Position-Time and Velocity-Time Graphs
STATION 5: Newton’s Laws Review
WORD BANK: Use these words to complete the sentences in #1-4.
acceleration at rest direction equal in motion
magnitude mass opposite unbalanced
1. Al forces are vectors, which means that they have _____(a)_____ and _____(b)______.
2. Newton’s 1st Law: If al the forces on an object are balanced, an object at rest tends to
stay ______(a)______, and an object in motion tends to stay _____(b)_____ unless there is an unbalanced force acting on it. 3. Newton’s 2nd Law: In the presence of an ____(a)____ force, you can describe the
relationship between force, ____(b)___, and ____(c)____ as F = ma. 4. Newton’s 3rd Law: When one object exerts a force on a second object, the second
object exerts a force on the first object that is ___(a)___ in size and ___(b)___ in direction. 5. An object is being pulled to the left with a force of 200 N on a rough surface where the force of friction is 15 N. The normal force on the object from the surface is 100 N. a. Draw a free-body diagram. b. Determine the net force on the object. 6. A truck has a mass of 850 kg. What acceleration is caused by a net force of 130,000 N? 7. In the amusement park ride known as Magic Mountain Superman, powerful magnets accelerate a car and its riders at a rate of 6.43 m/s2. The force required to accelerate the car and its riders is 35,365 N. What is the mass of the car with its riders? 8. For each FBD, tel whether the object could be ACCELERATING or if it could be moving at


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