A-08 most questioned expenses

Health Care Reimbursement Account
Most Questioned Expenses

IRS regulations periodically change, affecting the eligibility should only be used as a guide for determining eligible
of certain expenses in Flexible Spending Account Plans. The expenses under the Health Care Reimbursement
following will assist you in making your elections for the Account, as there are several exceptions, but most
plan year based on the most current rulings regarding some notably: 1) Insurance premiums are not reimbursable under
of the most questioned expenses. As a third party adminis-
a HCRA; 2) Certain OTC drugs are reimbursable under the trator, HCap Strategies reimburses eligible medical expenses HCRA (if allowed by your plan), but may not be deducted consistent with IRS Code Section 213(d). Please be aware,
from taxes; and 3) The tax credit as outlined in IRS however, that IRS Publication 502 is primarily for
Publication 502 allows the tax credit in the year the expense taxpayer’s use in determining what medical expenses
is paid; the reimbursement under a HCRA is based only
are deductible when claiming medical expenses as a
upon when the expense was incurred; i.e., date of
deduction from their income taxes. Publication 502
service, not the date paid.
Fees for missed appointments are not eligible.
Only qualify if they are medically necessary. Electrolysis is not an eligible expense.
Cosmetic surgery simply to enhance bodily features is not eligible. Cosmetic
surgery which is necessary due to an accident, disease, illness or congenital
abnormality is eligible.
Are not eligible as they do not correct vision.
Family counseling is only eligible for the family member who is the patient with
a specific medical condition. Marriage counseling is not eligible.
Monthly orthodontic expenses are eligible, but only for those months within the Plan Year. Only expenses for orthodontic services incurred in the Plan Year are eligible; the months before or after the Plan Year are not eligible. Reimbursement is available by providing a treatment plan. Teeth Bleaching/
Whitening is not eligible.

Insulin, syringes, test tapes, and needle boxes are eligible.
Special foods are eligible if prescribed to treat a specific illness to the extent the
cost exceeds cost of commonly available versions of the same product. Special
foods to promote general health are not eligible.
Are not eligible.
Over-the-counter drugs such as aspirin, antacids, allergy medicines, pain relievers
or cold medicines are eligible, if allowed by your plan. Dietary supplements
without a medical condition are not eligible. Non-prescription drugs for general
well being like vitamins, herbal supplements or cosmetic purchases are not
eligible. Date ordered is the date of service.
Drugs that are legal at state or local
level, but illegal at federal level are not medical expenses and are not eligible.
If incurred primarily for medical care, are eligible, if prescribed by a physician. .
Services must be incurred before reimbursement through the spending account.
Pre-certification and insurance estimates are not eligible for reimbursement
under the HCRA.
Your portion of a company sponsored and/or individual insurance premium is not
for reimbursement under a health care spending account. Your portion
of premiums for employer sponsored insurance is pre-taxed through the Premium
Expense Account, not the HCRA. Student health fees are similar to insurance
premiums and are not eligible for reimbursement under the HCRA.
Are not eligible.
Only expenses for instruction related to the birth are eligible. Child rearing
instruction is not eligible. The fee will have to be apportioned to exclude
instruction in topics such as newborn care. Also, amounts for the coach or
significant other are not eligible.
In line with insurance companies, the date of child’s birth is considered date of service.
Is eligible with a doctor’s statement of medical necessity. It is not eligible
if therapy is solely for the purpose of tension/stress.
Mileage is eligible for the miles driven to and from the doctor’s office. The amount that can be reimbursed is fourteen (14) cents per mile.
not eligible, unless accompanied by a letter of medical necessity.
Contact lens solution and sales tax are eligible expenses. Contact lens insurance
is not eligible. The date the glasses or contacts are ordered, not picked up, is
considered the date of service. Radial Keratotomy, LASIK and other laser eye
surgeries are eligible. Vision Discount Program Fees are not eligible.
Dietary supplements (for example, vitamins) to maintain general health are
not eligible. Dietary supplements or herbal medicines to treat a specific medical
condition are eligible with a doctor’s letter stating medical necessity.
Physician prescribed weight loss programs necessary to treat physician diagnosed
obesity is an eligible expense. Weight loss programs attended to improve general
health or appearance are not eligible. Special diet food that is a substitute for
the food normally consumed is not eligible. If the same results can be obtained
from a program that costs less, such as walking, the IRS may look to the reason-
able cost of the prescribed exercise program.

Source: http://www.cbg-online.com/cafeteria/HealthCareMostQuestioned.pdf


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