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CAPA 2013 Annual Digital Competition
Rules and Guidelines
The CAPA 2013 Annual Digital Competition is open to CAPA Individual and Family members in good standing ONLY, who are permanent Canadian residents, at the close of the competition! All submissions will be automatically validated against our Membership database. All entries must be submitted electronically no later than Midnight (Pacific Standard Time – GMT-8:00) September 30th, 2013, using our online digital submission system, on the CAPA Website. The submission system makes it possible for participants to submit as often as they wish, replacing their previous entries until the final deadline of the competition. This year’s topics are: Artistic Portrait and Organic Architecture. There is no general or open category. Each participant can submit a total of two (2) digital slide entries, both on the topic of their choice. A digital slide is a photograph produced using any of the following: a digital camera; a scanned film slide or negative; or a scanned print. Entries can be enhanced, edited and/or manipulated in Adobe Photoshop or other similar software. Digital illustrations must have originated from a photograph, as proof may be requested. Prize packages, as published on the CAPA Website, will be awarded to First, Second and Third place winners, and special CAPA Honour Award will be presented to the next ten (10) highest scoring entries. Legal Terms
With proper credits to the photographer and a reference to the CAPA 2013 Annual Digital Competition,
prize winners give CAPA, Sony of Canada Ltd. and Adobe Systems Canada Inc. the right to publish their
winning photograph in Canadian Camera and on the CAPA Website, and use them at any CAPA, Sony
and Adobe exhibition, publication, promotional or educational event. Entry into this competition implies
acceptance of the above practice, unless refused in writing by notifying the Chair of this competition.
CAPA recommends that the photographer obtain a model release for presentation and publication purposes,
prior to submitting an entry, and have these available if requested. In case of legal challenge, the
photographer agrees to hold CAPA, Sony of Canada Ltd. and Adobe Systems Canada Inc. harmless, and
assumes all liability or injury that may arise from entry into this competition. Photographers retain all
creative rights to their art.
How to Prepare and Submit your Entries
Format and Labeling
Use the following guidelines in preparing your digital slides for entry:
 High quality JPEG (use a quality setting of 90% or better).  Images should be in the proper orientation for viewing, as they will be projected as submitted.  Image width shall not exceed 1024 pixels, with a height of no more than 768 pixels. Images that exceed these dimensions will be automatically resized. Please review the image prior to submitting it, to make sure it appears the way you intended it to.  Winners and Honourable Mentions may be asked to provide a higher quality image for printing in CAPA’s quarterly magazine Canadian Camera.  Files are to be named according to the CAPA naming convention: Title of Image-Name of Photographer.jpg (i.e. Rideau Canal-John Smith.jpg). Titles will not be shown prior to, or during judging, so as not to influence the process.
Please note that, to maintain the highest quality, all editing should be done at maximum resolution and
files should be saved using a lossless format, like TIFF or PSD. Only once editing is complete should
you resize and save to the JPEG format.
1. Digital slide images must be submitted electronically on or before midnight on the date of the submission deadline. You must first login to the CAPA Website in order to access our new online
digital system; then follow this link E-mail and regular mail entries will NOT be accepted, and will NOT be

2. Your Individual or Family membership number is required, as well as a valid e-mail address, to 3. Participation is strictly limited to permanent Canadian residents.
Competition Chair: Jacques S. Mailloux


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