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Spring 2008
1750 112th Ave NE Bellevue, WA 98004 (425)637-1022 INSIDE THIS ISSUECholesterol medication in the news At the recent American College of Cardiology conference, results of a trial were released which showed no benefit with Ezetimide by itself (Zetia) or with Simvastatin (Vytorin) in stopping plaque progression in a very high risk population of people. For those who diligently read these newsletters, this is nothing new. In our winter 2007 newsletter, cholesterol down low enough does in fact slow we briefly reviewed this study. It showed and even stop the progression of cholesterol cholesterol treated with Vytorin or Zetia, medicines are useful tools in helping to plaque continued to grow. This was widely achieve those targets. The result is that there publicized as proof that the medicine was ineffective and shouldn’t be used. Looking regarding cholesterol treatment at this time.
more carefully at the data shows that the cholesterol was so high that these medicines by themselves did not get the cholesterol down to the levels needed to stop plaque from progressing. Therefore, these results would be expected. There is a large body of evidence showing that getting the throughout the medical community about these data “A recent study looking at aggressive control of and what they mean for diabetic care. Moreover, the diabetes found an increase risk of cardiac death in theories behind diabetic care are being called into patients with poorly controlled diabetes who were question. While many are worried, we find this treated aggressively (HgA1c< 6.5) versus a group refreshing! It is the nature of medical science to that were managed to an appropriate but less question everything in an attempt to fully understand aggressive goal (HgA1c < 7.0). At the same time, how our bodies work and how to treat when things go another study showed an overall 20% reduction in wrong. Even a disease like diabetes where treatment death from any cause in a group of diabetics treated seems straight forward – get the sugar back to normal to the more aggressive goal. While the studies – is not above the questioning process. Indeed, the disagree about the effects of aggressive diabetes system is working! To date there has been no management on death rates, they agree on the fact recommendation to change the way we treat diabetes that treating diabetes to the more aggressive goal and there will be much discussion and further studies of HgA1c < 6.5% reduces many of the other attempting to clarify these issues. We will be studying complications of diabetes such a nerve, kidney and this data carefully as it emerges and plan on staying You may have noticed that over the past 2 years we have started checking vitamin D levelsperiodically. Traditionally, vitamin D has been viewed as important for bone health. Recently, there is evidence that vitamin D may be associated with lower rates of several types of cancer summer, the use of sunscreen effectively blocks including colon, breast, ovarian and prostate cancer. It is not yet proven whether normal vitamin D levels prevent these cancers or whether It is nationally recommended that we get 400 there is another explanation for this observation. units daily of vitamin D. We recommend at least Similarly, adequate vitamin D is associated with a 800 units daily and more if you are deficient. In decreased risk of developing diabetes, reduction the last few moths, vitamin D has drawn the in systemic inflammation that accelerates attention of the media and you will be hearing atherosclerosis and enhances the immune system. more about this in news reports and articles. Vitamin K is largely manufactured in the skin when We will continue to monitor information as it we are exposed to sunlight. A 15 minute exposure is all that is needed to meet the body’s discuss any questions you have when you are in requirements. In Seattle, we have less sun exposure through the winter months and in the Wedding bells are ringing! Dr Kaner has been busy writing checks and flying to California in preparation for his eldest son’s July wedding.
Ali was recently engaged to be married! Plans are for a spring 2009 wedding in Hawaii.

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Acta Poloniae Pharmaceutica ñ Drug Research, Vol. 68 No. 2 pp. 291ñ294, 2011HYPOLIPIDEMIC EFFECT OF FRESH TRITICUM AESTIVUM (Wheat) GRASSSAROJ KOTHARI*, ANAND K. JAIN, SWAROOP C. MEHTA and SHRINIVAS D. TONPAYDepartment of Pharmacology, Gajara Raja Medical College, Gwalior, M.P., India Abstract: Present study was aimed to elucidate hypolipidemic effect of fresh Triticum aestivum (common

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HEALTH INNOVATION SYSTEMS IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES Strategies for Building Scientific and Technological Capacities John Mugabe NEPAD Office of Science and Technology WORKING DRAFT Health Innovation Capacities of Developing Countries INTRODUCTION There is a growing recognition that the extent to which developing countries will be able to reduce the burden of disease an

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