Treat yourself to a comfortable and
affordable beauty treatment that can
brighten up your whole appearance and
give you confidence.
Words by Mo Shine

With so many people going for whiter than In less than an hour, I felt that I had achieved white teeth today, I was feeling that I should exactly what I wanted – natural looking white, try and get back the nice smile I had many bright teeth, lifting my face and giving me years ago. Years of coffee, tobacco, coca cola and other staining food and drink can take Martin and Selma Mares of Brighton Bright in Kemptown use the Whitespa system, to give instant results, safely and with virtually no Some people go for the ultimate smile, which pain. Indeed, I just felt a slight sensitivity for can mean ultra straight, super white teeth, which to me are not really attractive, and a few hours after, which soon wore off, and no obviously false. Whitening to several shades will bring back that youthful white smile As the treatment is for teeth, it is easy to I was advised to keep away from anything that you once had, whatever the shape of associate your visit with one to your regular that could discolour the teeth in the fi rst 24 your teeth, without changing your look, and dentist, and all the clinical atmosphere that hours after treatment (like coffee, red wine, without it being obvious that you have had that entails – but take all that out of your tobacco etc). After that, it is recommended any treatment – just naturally beautiful teeth! mind, this is a beauty treatment and as such, This type of whitening treatment appeals to is an entirely different occasion! I was taken about a week, to give the teeth a chance to me and so I decided to give it a go – and I am to a pleasant room with subdued lighting and complete their whitening process and settle.
absolutely delighted with the results.
Reclaim your smile!
music playing, with a bed in the centre of the At the initial consultation, as with any beauty room. After some initial preparation on my teeth, I was made comfortable on the bed, in information about any health problems. (You a position that would feel OK for the duration should not be undergoing a course of dental of the treatment. Selma than introduced the treatment.) This is just a precautionary mea- clamp into my mouth to keep lips away from the teeth, and allow access. This was in fact should not receive the treatment. Also the very comfortable in place. The clamp does treatment only works on ‘living’ teeth, so all the work, so you don’t have to worry about crowns and fi llings etc are not affected. Teeth discoloured by tetracycline, speckled There then follows three cycles of about ten by fl ouride or inherited discolouration also minutes each. Some protection is applied to responds well to Whitespa treatment.
the gums, and then a specially formulated This amazing method of teeth whitening has gel is applied to the teeth. A halogen light been shown in scientifi c studies to be effec- source is used (no UV-Light) to accelerate tive and safe. It does not change or damage the whitening process. Stains are oxidised on the structure of teeth. Compared with other the tooth surface and deep within the dentin. systems, this is also a long lasting method, The second cycle sees the gel removed and and can last two years or more, depending some more put on, together with the timed Please go and visit them – you will not Now I have my winning smile back. I intend event, I felt a slight heat around the mouth to try and keep it that way. There are many and that is all. In fact, during the third cycle, options available to upkeep your new look. I had become so relaxed, I was almost drop- There is a top-up (which just consists of one ping asleep. This is fi ne, as everything is in of the cycles) and a home kit to help maintain place, and you are free to do so if you wish! the whiteness. If you do want to have the In less than an hour, the whole procedure whitest Hollywood smile, the Platinum Bright was over, and after some brushing with a package consists of a home tray, 3 cycles, special paste, I was able to see the results in and again, a home tray and 3 cycles, for the

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