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Attendance: Avista Hospital; BRFD; Coal Creek; Pridemark; Left-hand FPD; BES; BCH; HCFD; LEU; Longmont FD; MVFPD; ESMFPD; Four-Mile FPD; Nederland; Sugar Loaf; Sunshine FPD I. Call or order at 1805 hours II. Approval of Minutes: Approved Old Business: Sugar Loaf AED 300 still up for sale. PLEASE TURN IN THE RECIEPTS FOR THE 2001 GRANT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. III. New Business: John Sliz introduces the new educator for Pridemark. Twink Dalton is a clinical educator, RN, from Omaha Nebraska. She has 18 years experience. Welcome Twink. Rick Dirr will take the EMS Grants to Larry Stern tonight after the meeting. Please turn into him. Linda Underbrink will be in Denver through Sunday and can be called on her cell phone for a meeting place. County Grants will be due June 30, 2002. The amount the county will get is $15, 846.95 and this will be the last year. Please note the county website has changed to: or home. A copy of the grant can be obtained from there. New county patient care forms are being worked on with some changes to what is being used now. Longmont Campus will be offering a fall 2002 Anatomy and Physiology class for persons wanting to go to paramedic school. The classes will be on Mondays in the am, Tuesdays in the afternoon or evening, this will be the same class. Wednesday am and Thursdays p.m. will be the same class. This will open up availability for career staff to attend the course either attending a Monday or Tuesday for the same daily information and Wednesday or Thursday for the daily information. BIO 201/202 RETAC: The county Retac will prioritize with a list. At this time no drastic changes are foreseen. Remember other grants are available including private grants to fund training FTE's or data collection. Please pay attention to the criteria for these other grants. Hyway funding has been asked to increase to $2.00. The govenor is to get 12 million for bioterrism for the state. Avista still under construction and power was out Feb. 9, 10, and 2002. No problems per Sue with the power outage. Pridemark has taken off the inapsine on all cars and added Solu-medrol and Atrovent. Dr. Kanowitz is looking into another antiemetic chemical restraint possibly haldol. PDF created with FinePrint pdfFactory trial version Twink Dalton can be reached at the Boulder Office 303-939-8111. E-mail: Protocols: EMT-B IV has a D-50 in the protocols. Glucometers training is done in house due to the different brands. EMT-B also has ASA. Dr Dorfman ALS personnel to take off inapsine. Looking at a County wide refusal form. Developing a countywide CQI form. If interested talk to Dr. Dorfman, Rick Dirr, or Michael Evans. Those departments who need a person or department to do CQI contact Dr. Dorfman. Departments are looking for a skill lab. Pridemark to host with dates to follow. May 5, 2002 County MCI August 2-4 2002 is the Breast walk. Volunteers are needed. EDUCATION: IV Class in Louisville 2/25/02 evenings. Price $200.00 non-affiliates $150.00 affiliations. EMT_B Class starts June 18, 2002 Mondays, Wednesdays from 6-10 p.m. Contact Will Dunn or Sue Kirk at Avista. EMS OPS class in Castle Rock March 4-9, 2002. Registration is $200.00. If interested contact Dense Scott at fax 303-660-1069 or at PDF created with FinePrint pdfFactory trial version



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20th European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ECCMID) Home - 11.04.2010 - Emerging influenza virus: H1N1v and H5N1 Emerging influenza virus: H1N1v and H5N1 Sunday, April 11, 2010, 13:30 - 14:30 Antibodies to interferon-gamma in ultra-low doses: a new option for pandemic influenza S. Tarasov*, V. Zarubaev, J. Tafani, J. Dugina, S. Sergeeva, O. Epstein (M

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