BAC Ground Breaking Preparation Meeting Minutes – January 12, 2012
BAC Clinic Remodeling: Started @2:00pm in the afternoon to clean-up by Shah Haleem, Naz
Husain, Hasan Rahman, S.M. Haleem and Ashiqul Talukder to make room for the Doctors office
to see patients
BAC Meeting Started @6:00pm
Next Meeting: Wednesday, January 18th 2012 @6:00pm
Attendees: S.M. Haleem, Hasan Rahman, Shah Haleem, Naz Husain, Arun Roy, Afzal Ahmed,
Ashiqul Talukder, Asif Raihan, Khaled Zulfiqur Khan, Shahriar Latif, Mohammad Bashir, Sajib
Chowdhury, Nahida Naser Yasmin, SM Azad, Shaidul Islam
Event Coordinator: Shah Haleem, Hasan Rahman
Action Items:
1. Shah Haleem - will send Invitation (124 Letters ) to organizations 2. Shah Haleem - will invite Al Hoang, Church’s Directors, Peter Brown and Mayor 3. Shah Haleem – To setup Phone Bank on Wednesday, 1/18/12 from 6 pm to 9 pm 4. Shah Haleem & Yasmin – To contact Shoeb (Singer) to attend 5. Arun Roy – will invite Gordon Quan, Hubert Vo, Al Green 6. Arun Roy – will send Invitation to FOBANA exec and participants organizations 7. Hasan – Approval of Airlines Ticket for Koli (Winner of Raffle) buys ticket before 2/28/12 8. Hasan – To order all Founding members Plaques 9. Hasan – To contact and complete Alif Lila’s (Sitarist) Contract to attend 10. Hasan – To complete all mail out Materials (e.g. BAC 1099, letter, IMLD Card, Bank Statements) 11. M. Masoom – To confirm order for Moon Walk and Train Ride 12. Yasmin – To find some volunteer for Kids Face Painting 13. Yasmin – to Coordinate the distribution of Flyers at Masjid’ Parking lot a. Announcement for IMLD & Ground Breaking Cards 14. Oli – To contact Local School (near BAC) Band Program to perform 15. Oli – To contact local school (near BAC) Cheer Leaders to perform 16. S.M. Haleem – To find 1000 US & BD Flags to decorate the BAC the premises 17. S.M. Haleem – To arrange a Handheld Microphone during Ribbon Cutting 18. Naz Husain - Town Hall Meeting 3x8 Banner Announcement in Bangla Font 19. Naz Husain – To design Flyers Announcement for IMLD & Ground Breaking 20. Bashir – Will reduce 50% cost of Printing materials needed for mailout by 1/17/12 21. Afzal Ahmed- Magazine Editor, what’s in the Magazine: a. Paid Donors Name with categories in the Magazine b. Paid Amount if Pledged more – mention the uncollected amount Program Timeline:
10:00 IMLD Program Open Air Program 12:30 Lunch in the Church Auditorium 01:30 BAC Ground Breaking Program 03:00 Ribbon Cutting 04:00 Entertainments (Alif Lila & Shoeb) 06:00 End Mail Out Package
 1099, Letter, BAH & BAC Accounting, IMLD Post Card Entertainments:
 Alif Lila (Budegt $1000.00) & Shoeb (Budget $500.00) Important Date before the Ribbon Cutting:
 01/22/12 - BAC Clinic Grand Opening & Town Hall @2:00 -3:00 at BAC
 02/5/12 - Town Hal@2:00 – 3:00 Darbar SE Houston
 02/12/12 - Town Hall @2:00 – 3:00 North Houston
 House Party- Arun Roy, Yasmin, Shah Haleem
 One to One contact – Sajib
 RFB Advertisement on Chronicle, Voice of Asia – Hasan
 Donors meeting
 Founding members meeting
Outside the agenda Discussions
BAH and BAC officers condemn any hateful acts against any BAH and BAC officers


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