These Medications Are For Inhalation Only
Do Not Inject Or Drink
You have been prescribed: Preventer
You will need:
Medication (ie. Ventolin, Salbutamol, Intal, Pulmicort) Aerosol Mask with Aerosol Compressor, Nebulizer Cup, Tubing.
When Drawing Up Medication From Bottle Or Nebule:
Draw up solution until plunger reaches desired dose.
Turn syringe upright and tap gently until all air bubbles Slowly push plunger up removing all air until the liquid level is even with the tip of the syringe,(You may need to draw up more solution until you getthe correct dose. Remember to check for air bubble again.) Using a 3 cc syringe draw into the syringe the prescribed amount of normal saline and add it to the solution already in the nebulizer c u p Gently swirl the cup to mix theingredients.
Note: Your doctor may prescribe a vial or nebule such as Intal
or Pulmicort. Simply empty the contents of vial/nebule into nebulizer cup or if not required to give total amount then use IMPORTANT:
You will need a total of at least 3.0cc (lcc = 1 ml) of mixed solution to achieve a good mist. If
more solution is required to achieve this amount add more saline. DO NOT add more
Most asthma solutions can be mixed together and given at the same time if needed. Check with your physician about your personal combination. They should be prepared immediately before use. Pre-mixed solutions should NOT be stored.
Connect one end o f tubing to nebulizer cup and one end to Place prescribed medication into nebulizer cup, place mask o:n face, covering nose andmouth (being sure to pinch the metal prong firmly, but Breathe normally until no more mist is formed - approximately 1 O-15 minutes.
Treatment is now finished.
Masks must be wiped or rinsed with tap water after each use.
At least 3 times a week wash mask and nebulizer in warm, soapy water, rinse well and air dry. Tubing should not be rinsed out. Replace mask and tubing as needed.
Aerosol machine should be used on a hard, flat, and clean surface. Do not place on carpet or towel as machine will suck up fibers and dirt that may damage it.
Change the filter on the machine every 3 - 4 months or whenever it appears to be gettingdirty (note: there are smokers in your household you may need to change the filter moreoften). Filters are available from most pharmacies.
Occasionally you may fmd the medication takes a long time to go through or there is no mist.Ifso rinse nebulizer under warm water and dry well. Clean the jet (smal1 pinhole) of the nebulizer with a fme pin or needle. Some brands of nebulizer cups can be damaged by using water that istoo hot - Do not put in the dishwasher.
This handout has been prepared by:
Dr. Patrick A. Gill Asthma Education Centre
Room 638, Level 1, Queen
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island


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