Press release alzprotect 17/12/2010

AlzProtect forms its scientific advisory board.
Lille, December 17th 2010 - AlzProtect SAS, an innovative biotechnological company developing
original strategies against Alzheimer’s disease (AD), is proud to announce today the formation of
its scientific advisory board.
AlzProtect has gathered renowned scientists, clinical and pharmaceutical leaders that will
provide their expertise and experience in drug development, Alzheimer’s disease and in clinical
trials management. The members of AlzProtect’s scientific advisory board include:
Pr. Thomas Bayer, Ph.D., Professor in Molecular Psychiatry at the University Medicine of
Göttingen, Department of Psychiatry. Pr. Thomas Bayer has more than 20 years of experience as
scientific leader in the field of AD. Pr. Bayer coordinates the European Commission funded
International Alzheimer PhD School «Neurodegeneration in Alzheimer’s disease – mechanism,
consequence and therapy» (NEURAD).
Dr. Gilbert Clincke, Ph.D., M.D, Senior Director Department Neuropsychopharmacology of
Jansen Pharmaceutica. Gilbert Clincke headed research groups of more than 100 staff active in
the field of drug discovery for the central nervous system. He was also the designer and
responsible of the first ever full year study in Alzheimer Disease with a NCE [Sabeluzole]. He also
participated to the development of several drugs [Risperdal™] for psychiatric disorders,
[Sufenta™] for pain and [Reminyl™] also known as Galantamine for Alzheimer’s disease
Dr. Jean Pierre Maffrand, Ph.D. , former Senior Vice-President, Director of Discovery Research
of Sanofi-Aventis, in charge of more than 3000 people on the 17 European and American sites.
Jean Pierre Maffrand has a strong track record in the drug discovery and development including
the development of major products (Ticlid® and Plavix®). He is the author or co-author of more
than 194 publications and 78 patents and received numerous awards during its career.
Pr. Florence Pasquier, M.D., Ph.D. (in cognitive neuropsychology), professor of neurology. Head
of the memory clinic of Lille University Hospital (France), she is leading a research team entitled
"vascular and degenerative cognitive impairment" (EA 2691). Pr. Florence Pasquier is involved
in clinical research on cognitive and behavioral disturbances. She has important collaborations
on imaging, epidemiology, and basic research. She is a key opinion leader in the field of
Alzheimer clinical research.
“It’s a unique chance for AlzProtect to welcome key leaders both in neurodegenerative diseases
and drug development in our Scientific Advisory Board”, said Philippe Verwearde, CEO.
“AlzProtect will strongly benefit of their long experiences. This is a new step for AlzProtect that
will significantly impact the excellence of its research and strengthen its development. ”
About Alzheimer’s disease
Alzheimer's disease (AD) is a progressive neurodegenerative condition that is the most common cause of dementia in patients over 65 years of age (6-8% of people over age 65 are affected). Currently available medications treat the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease but do not change its underlying progression. With 35 million patients estimated worldwide in 2010 and a projection of 115 million patients in 2050, AD is an urgent unmet medical need. About AZP2006
Most of clinical trials have focused on the amyloid plaques formation as the main cause of AD. So far, these trials have not delivered satisfactory results. AlzProtect challenges this consensual assumption. Based on 20 years research in Alzheimer’s disease, Dr. André Delacourte and his team have suggested that the cause of neurodegeneration would be due to a loss of function of a brain protein called APP. This hypothesis has shaped AlzProtect’s strategy to develop compounds that would promote the APP metabolism toward the non-amyloidogenic pathway (potentially neuroprotective) and that would reduce amyloid plaque precursor at the same time. AZP2006 is the first drug candidate developed according to this strategy. This compound has shown promising results both in-vitro and in vivo. AZP2006 is currently under preclinical trial investigations. First-in-human study (phase I clinical trial) is expected at the end of 2011. About ALZPROTECT
AlzProtect is a biotechnology company located in Lille (Northern France), created in 2007 from
the fruitful collaboration between two research teams led by Dr. André Delacourte, a pioneer of
research on Alzheimer's disease in France and Pr. Patricia Melnyk, medicinal chemistry expert.
Alzprotect develops innovative therapeutic approaches of Alzheimer’s disease. The company
has built a strong research network and is involved in several important collaborative projects.
AlzProtect is hosted within the “Parc Eurasanté” (a cluster of health dedicated companies) and
benefits of a strong support from public authorities. Its first drug candidate AZP2006 should be
tested in Clinical Phase I in 2011. Several others lead molecules families are currently under
investigation and will strengthen company's pipeline. AlzProtect will develop its candidates up
to Clinical Phase IIa before licensing them to a Pharma partner for further development and
Web site:
Philippe Verwaerde
+33 (0)3 28 55 91 66


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