Positive Parenting & Drug Prevention 7 Union Street, Brunswick, Victoria, Australia 3056 A Department of Human Services funded project Return to - AGWS, 7 Union Street, Brunswick Victoria 3056 vomiting, irritability, insomnia, chronic depres- Heroin is an illegal substance derived from the An overdose begins when the drug user stops re- ‘opiate’ family, which includes opium, codeine, acting to the outside world. In as short a time as ten minutes, that individual may die if medical Heroin is most commonly injected, and this prac- treatment is not administered. For this reason it Consumption takes place via inhalation or injec- tice can lead to medical problems such as skin, is essential to call 000 and ask for paramedics, tion, leading to sedation, euphoria, and reduced heart and lung infections. Furthermore users who who can reverse an overdose by administering anxiety by altering nerve cell functioning in the share needles are at extreme risk of contracting the drug Narcan. With further hospital assistance, brain. These effects can last anywhere up to six recovery from serious overdoses usually occurs Since most street level drugs are ‘cut’ with other Heroin is highly addictive, and regular use is substances which may include sugar, talcum Once medical assistance has been called for, it is likely to lead to both physical and mental de- powder, washing detergent (some poisonous) to essential that you do not leave the victim alone. If pendence*. Once a user has developed a physical increase quantity, injecting can lead to clogging the victim is semi conscious, begin by talking to dependence and tolerance (requiring more to get or collapsing veins, tetanus, abscesses and dam- and raising them to their feet. Walk them along the same effect), the initial pleasure fades. As age to the heart, lungs, liver and brain. This as much as possible, and provide them with time progresses, the user must continue to in- ‘cutting’ also creates the problem of uncertainty plenty of fresh air. You need to keep them occu- crease their consumption just to feel what the as to the strength of the heroin – which in turn pied to avoid them slipping into unconsciousness. may lead to overdoses, particularly if other drugs ‘normal’. At this stage, finding and using this such as alcohol or sleeping pills are also used. If the victim lapses into unconsciousness check to drug can become the main focus in life for that see if they are still breathing – this can be done It should be noted that use of heroin whilst preg- by either placing your ear near their mouth and nant can severely harm the unborn child, causing listening for breathing sounds, or by watching underdevelopment, premature labour, stillbirths, and in some cases children can be born addicted. As with all drugs, many surrounding factors de- These children are also at greater risk of sudden If the victim is breathing, place them on their side termine their effects, including the environment in the ‘recovery position’, with one of their legs in which the drug is taken, as well as the individ- bent at the knee whilst keeping the other out- ual’s physical and mental state. In general stretched. Their head should also be placed to rest though, heroin produces intense feelings of pleasure and pain relief. Slower breathing, a dry Many different methods of treatment exist for mouth, drowsiness, and possibly nausea follow. drug users, including safer drug substitutes for If the victim is not breathing, you should begin those not quite ready to give up (e.g. Methadone, by checking to see and clear anything that may be With high-level use, the ability to concentrate Naltrexone), as well as abstinence programs blocking their airway (i.e. tongue or vomit). If becomes impaired and breathing becomes even (counselling and support groups). It should be their airway is clear but they are not breathing, slower. If too much is taken or other drugs are noted that all forms of treatment are most effec- roll the victim onto their back, tilt their head to used in conjunction, an overdose may result tive when heroin use is identified early on. open their airway and then place your mouth over where body temperature drops and the heartbeat theirs, giving 5 initial breaths in 10 seconds becomes irregular. This can lead to death, or For more information on these and other options (mouth-to-mouth resuscitation). Continue provid- you should contact your local doctor , or call the ing them with one breath every 4 seconds. Australian Greek Welfare Society on (03) 9388 If a regular user suddenly stops using the drug, or even reduces their intake, they will experience a variety of physical withdrawal symptoms in- ** National Institute on Drug Abuse (U.S.) cluding cravings, restlessness, diarrhoea,

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PUBLIC HEALTH FACTS BY FAX April 30, 2009 Skagit County Health Department Howard L. Leibrand, M. D. Health Officer "Always working for a safer and healthier Skagit County" 336-9380 (voice) 336-9401 (fax) Please copy and distribute this fax to each provider served by this fax number. Number of pages:


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