March 2003
Use of high-performance liquid chromatographic-mass spectrometry HE USE OF performance liquid chromatographic-
In 2002, a total of 3,414 batches of commercial veterinary chemical drugs were sampled from the market determination of chloramphenicol in feed was and checked by official method. Results revealed that 25 developed in the laboratory. Feed was extracted with sessions of visits and inspections for good acetonitrile and purified with Sep-Pak Alumina N manufacturing practices in veterinary chemical drug cartridge. The X-Terra MS C Column and 20% acetonitrile were used as mobile phase to perform the News source: Branch Institute of Animal Drugs
levels of 0.1, 0.5, 1.0, and 5.0 ppm of chloramphenicol Inspection, National Veterinary
in the feed. The average recovery rate was 81.6-91.8%.
Research Institute, Miaoli, Taiwan ROC
This result showed that HPLC-MS is useful indetecting specific molecular weight of TO DEVELOP a Riemerella anatipestifer (RA) D2) isolated from YiLan Prefecture in 1999. The potency
bacterin, the serotype 2 RA, a predominating strain test of the vaccine on ducks aged 6 weeks was 75%.
in Taiwan based on previous investigations, was This vaccine did not cause any adverse effect on ducks chosen as a seed strain. Previous reports indicate that RA isolated from geese has the ability to infect onlygeese. In this study, however, results show that RA News source: National Veterinary Research Institute,
could infect both ducks and geese. An inactive Taiwan ROC
monovalent vaccine was developed, composed of oil-in-water adjuvant and a master seed strain (YL9902- For further information: HE O/TAW/97 foot-and-mouth disease virus
for determining the cutoff value, and at the same time, 475 T (FMDV) was propagated in BHK-21 cells.
swine sera were detected by the newly developed kit and Inactivated viral antigen was prepared by BEI ELISA-antibody detection kit purchased from Pirbright inactivation, PEG concentration, and ultracentrifugation.
FMD WRL in UK. Results showed that the kappa value Two approaches were applied to the test. One was was 0.93 between the new kit and the Pirbright kit. Based on coated with FMDV directly on the 96 wells immunoplate.
the kappa value, the identity of the new kit and the Pirbright The other was coated with rabbit anti-FMDV antibodies kit was very high. Therefore, the development of ELISA on the 96 wells immunoplate, and then the FMDV antibody detection kit based on O/TAW/97 antigen was antigens were combined with rabbit antiserum in the following steps. In order to set up the test procedure, the News source: National Veterinary Research Institute,
optimal concentration of FMDV antigen, detection Taiwan ROC
antibody, and conjugate were determined in advance.
Then, 320 negative swine sera were applied to the test For further information: Food and Fertilizer Technology Center (FFTC) FFTC: An international information center for small- scale farmers in the Asian and Pacific region Tel.: (886 2) 2362 6239 Fax: (886 2) 2362 0478E-mail: Website: Application of bio-chip technique for rapid diagnosis IO-CHIP is one of the major biological techniques in
hybridization patterns, the distinct genotypes of CSFV Brecent years. It can detect different pathogens in a could be differentiated. The results showed that the piece of chip and can differentiate the various CSFV amplified by primer CP5.6 could be classified into genotypes in the same species. In 2003, a bio-chip three genotypes, including the native, invaded, and diagnosis system was established by using classical lapinized hog cholera vaccine virus by hybridization swine fever virus (CSFV) as a model. Nucleotide with oligonucleotide probe. No cross reaction was sequences of classical swine fever virus were collected found when the bio-chip was hybridized with bovine from the GenBank, and the domestic CSFV field strains diarrhea disease virus which was closely related to the were sequenced. These sequence data were analyzed with a computer software by sequence alignment and apair of universal primers, which could amplify different News source: National Veterinary Research Insti-
genotypes of CSFV. Also, a specific probe from the tute, Taiwan, ROC
amplification region was designed. The specific probewas synthesized and dot-blotted on the bio-chip. By the For further information: HIS STUDY established a fast and accurate
assay also showed negative results in prion protein.
Tscreening technique based on immunopathology to These results will be submitted to the World detect bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) from Organisation for Animal Health to claim that Taiwan is a bovine and ovine brain tissues. Using this technique, BSE-free area. Fifty-six canine brains were also examined the risk of BSE from imported food would be greatly in histopathological sections and stained with direct reduced. In addition, the spread and damage of BSE and immunofluorescent antibodies, showing negative results.
rabies would also decrease. In order to meet the An enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay was applied to requirements of the World Organisation for Animal detect immunized antibodies to rabies in 4317 dog serum Health for a BSE-free area, a total of 647 cattle brains samples. Among those serum samples, 1946 samples aged older than 30 months (4.2 years old in average) were from domestic dogs and 2371 were from stray dogs.
were screened. In 2002, a total of 1385 brain sections Results revealed that 41.0% of domestic dogs and 21.4% collected from abattoirs and M. tuberculosis- of stray dogs were positive in ELISA.
contaminated farms scattered throughout 11 counties,namely Taoyang, Taichung, Chunghwa, Yunling,Nantao, Tainan, Pingtung, Ilan, Taitung, Panfu, and News source: National Veterinary Research Institute,
Kingmen, were examined. None of those samples Taiwan ROC
showed spongiform change in pathology. Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay and Western immunoblot For further information:


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